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There are Two Types of Brand Photography

The thing I love most about brand photography is that we tell the story of your brand, in pictures. Specifically the story of the results that your service or product provides.

Your brand images should reflect your success or intention so that people can be magnetised by your offering and quickly decide if they want to purchase your offering or not. In this way you attract your ideal clients and are surrounded by people who love what you do.

That brings me to the first type of brand photography: The Success Story.

Your story is that you’ve already created a product or service that’s been a success. Your practice, your business or brand is established. You have a clear vibe and that’s produced amazing results and you have experienced an increase in income, you are living or are in the process of living your dream life.

In this shoot we capture your established vibe, you being you. In your space, doing your thing. We may declutter it a bit for aesthetic reasons but we capture you in your natural habitat.

You always have the choice of hiring an Airbnb that resonates with your vibe if showing your residence or world place infringes on a personal boundary. Because the location will set the scene for your brand story it’s very important to be photographed in a location that resonates with your success.

The other type of brand photography is the Aspirational Story.

Brand photography can act like the proverbial bridge you cross to go from where you are, to where you want to go. You can use imagery to manifest your desired outcome, to show the world how you envisage yourself so that you can make steps towards manifesting that.

No one knows your potential and what you’re capable of. It’s your responsibility to show the world who you are and what you do, what you offer and how you serve.

Standing out, being seeing will help you attract people who want to work with you. People who want to be part of your community.

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