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Beautiful photos of you in all the poses that tell your unique story so you can connect with your audience authentically.


full portfolio

You're just getting started and not really sure where to start. You need some guidance but you're still working it all out. You NEED personal brand photos (like yesterday!) so you can start getting yourself out there in a professional way. Images are suited for use across all your digital and marketing platforms.

• Three hours of photography with me
• Two locations
• 48 images in both high and web resolution
• Online image gallery
• Self-guided planning 
• Image editing
• Client IG & FB Profile share
• Commercial use image licence

Package 1:
The Foundation


Package 2:
Your brand story

You know your brand, and now you want to level up. You'd like to incorporate strategy for your specific needs and goals. You want all the shots of you in all the gorgeous, natural poses, plus additional shots you need to tell your story, and what makes you unique and amazing. Images are suited for use across all your digital and marketing platforms.

• Five hours of photography with me
• Four locations
• 100 images in high and web resolution
• Online image gallery
• Image editing
• Zoom planning session
• Brand image clarity so you know exactly what images you need to connect with your community and what images to post where
• Guidance on how to plan and prepare for your Personal Brand Photoshoot
• Commercial use image licence

Hourly rate

You don't need any help planning your session because you've either done a photoshoot before or you have a marketing team. You know your brand, you know exactly what you want, you just need a professional photographer to come to the site and take the pics. Just send me the brief, or describe what you need in an email, and I will take the photos. 

• Minimum two hour hire
• 20 images per hour
• Same-day image selection
• Image processing
• Commercial use image licence

My Process

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"Thank you Laura!"

- Michelle

I had so much fun and you made it all so easy and relaxed.

I quit my job

- Sally

After my shoot with Laura and posting the photos, I got so many inquiries I actually quit my casual job.


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