Establishing trust online starts with a genuine connection. Through your imagery and content, your clients will know, like and trust you. My goal for you is to attract people you love working with and we do that

by capturing your energy in your images. This way you show up online authentically. Personal branding is about capturing what makes you unique, what lights you up and what you're passionate about so that you get to wake up excited to serve people who get you and what you offer.


Your images are the powerful tool you will use to connect authentically to your audience, boost your credibility help you achieve your goals. But before we begin, we get clear about what you do, your vision, what inspires you and the direction you're going.

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The Start


I believe that the more we plan in advance, the more creative we can be on the day of your photoshoot. I will guide you and help plan your shoot so that you have beautiful, authentic photos of yourself you can share online.


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On the day of your photoshoot you shine like the person you envision today. Through my process you've transitioned from uncertainty to clarity, from trepidation to confidence and you stand in your power, whole-heartedly ready to embrace the next level on your journey.


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Once you receive your images, I post your Sneak Peek to IG and share your images, what you do and my experience of working with you. I celebrate you, what you've achieved and how you've transformed.

We share

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- Cherie Goudie

My shoots offer the guidance you need to get your images from where you are now, to where you want to be. 


Are you someone who loves having fresh content? Subscribe to either two or four shoots per year, receive a reduced rate and pay one low monthly fee, while maintaining brand style consistency.


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from Riannah:

Wow! Thank you so much! It was such an amazing experience yesterday and I am so in love with what I have seen already. I will start posting these today!

"I can't believe it's me to be honest."

from Marg:

Thank you so much for the pics. I just LOVE them. I can't thank you enough. Looking forward to working with you again 😊💖

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Your shoot is about capturing your brand vision in a way that becoming the person you want to be. Getting the photos that make the difference to you, your family, your community.