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Personal Brand Story is a bit of a buzz word at the moment but let me explain what it is and how it relates to Personal Brand Photography.

Your personal brand story is the pivotal moment that lead you to discover your “WHY” and inspired you to do what you do now. It’s what helped you realise that you wanted to change from status quo to actually making a move to create and manifest your dream life. 

Many people share their personal brand story as a way to connect to their potential clients because it’s inspiring. It helps people to see that you’ve had some struggles, it makes you relatable and human. But you having gone through the rough patches are there to tell them that the struggle is worth it to live a life you love. It positions you as a guide so you can help them get there too.

But how does this relate to images?

This is where it can get a bit confusing… but super obvious once someone explains it.

Allow me: Personal brand story is your history. Personal brand photography is your present and future captured in pictures.

We don’t show your personal brand story, we show your brand story. Let me explain what I mean:

Brand story is where we get to be creative. We start at the end and work backwards.

The main question is: How do you want people to feel about you?

For my brand, I want people to feel at ease and supported, like they don’t have to hustle and miss out on life to achieve their goals. So I reflected on what makes me feel at ease and supported? It’s nature, yoga, soft light, a sense of self-acceptance but also a drive to be my best self and live my best life.

The images I’ve selected for my visuals supports that vibe, as does my brand voice: it’s soft but strong; clear and wise; content and at peace.

In that process I have created how I want people to feel about me and I get to standout online because I’m being true to myself. 

Does that help? Let me know in the comments, I would love to hear what you think. It took me so long to fully understand this concept. But if you seperate personal brand story (history) from brand story (brand vibes, present, future) and focus on what you love, then you attract similar people who love the same things as you. That’s why when we’re doing personal brand story we dig deeper and discover what lights you up so that you can establish a genuine connection.

So over to you: How do you want your potential clients to feel when they think of you? When they see you? What do you love? 

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